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I love physical activity and being outside. I’m happy that I can enjoy some physical exercise while doing something and being somewhere that I love. Being among the trees and seeing some amazing views is awe-inspiring. Hiking has always given me a peaceful feeling and has helped me feel grounded, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.

I currently live in the United States in a town where a hiking trail is never far. But I have also traveled to different parts of the world and experienced hiking many different trails. Throughout the years I have learned about the best places to hike and the best way to hike. That means knowing how to be prepared, and how to take precautions so that a hiking trip stays enjoyable.

For those who want to start hiking or those who like hiking and want to do it more often, this blog will help you be prepared, hike safely, and enjoy this wonderful hobby.

This Is What You Can Find on Atfiles.org

What you will find in this blog is all based on my own experience and hiking interest. You will find interesting information on how, where, and why to hike. The topics range from the latest hiking gear to special events for hiking lovers.

Tips & Advice

The best people to learn from are the ones that have first-hand experience. The guy in the shop may not have any experience and the tips he gives are maybe not as useful as you’d hoped. I do have many years of experience. I have tried several techniques, gear, and hiking places and I can tell you firsthand if I had a good experience or not. I have talked to many other experienced hikers, and I have gathered many useful tips from them too.


Many of us like to explore new places. I can tell you about the places I have been to and recommend. I will try to post reviews whenever I can. The United States is full of National Parks, State Parks, and other places where you can find trails and spots for hiking. Sometimes we are not even aware of what there is in our area or state. The purpose of this blog is also to give you inspiration on where to go on your next trip or weekend away.


I have gone through many pairs of shoes during my trips. The same is true for trousers, hats, sunglasses, socks, and backpacks. I have tried different things and I continue to test new brands, gadgets, etc. I am happy to share with you what I have found. Hiking gear can be expensive, and the options are numerous. It is good if you have a friend that can help you out.


Hikers are often loners. But there are events where hikers get together to exchange their experiences.

The Blog

As I mentioned, I write the blog based on my own experiences and those that I know and trust. I make sure that everything you read here is reliable. There is nothing more annoying than taking advice and finding out it is less than useful.

I like writing and I have done it professionally for many years, but I don’t write this blog alone. I enjoy the help of my wife who shares my passion for the outdoors, and she joins me on most of my trips. She proofreads and fact-checks all articles I post. I am very grateful for her help.


Now you know a little bit about me, and you know what to expect from this blog. I hope that you enjoy it and that I can express some of my love and enthusiasm for this amazing sport. Make sure to come back regularly for updates and new posts.

So, a very warm welcome to Atfiles.com, and hope you will join me on my travels!