About Us

Atfiles.org is a blog that focuses on trails and greenways in the United States. In general, it will talk about hiking in the United States.

Hiking is an interesting and widely enjoyed way of spending free time. Because so many people do it, there is a lot of information about it. Not all that information is correct or even helpful. Yet, it is important to be well informed when it comes to spending time in remote areas.

On the other hand, hiking comes in many different shapes and forms. Some like to hike for an hour or so on well-established paths. Others want to go for a couple of days and get away from civilization.

This blog wants to take care of the needs of all these hikers. It provides information on how, where, and why to hike. It is made by hikers for fellow hikers.

Who We Are

I love walking and I enjoy being outside. I’m happy that I can unite those two things into one hobby: hiking. The woods are my favorite environment. The trees give me so much peace and tranquility.

I currently live in the northeastern part of the United States, close to the Canadian border. A hiking spot is never far. Over the 25 years that I have been hiking, I have traveled to different parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and various European countries.

My second hobby is writing. I have always kept a diary of my hiking trips. Therefore, I thought it was a good idea to start this blog and share my experiences with others.

Of course, hiking is great, but it is important to be well prepared. If you don’t prepare well, you might run into unpleasant surprises. I think you will enjoy this blog if you want to be well-prepared, hike safely, and find the best places.


The vision is simple. I love hiking and I want to share that passion with others. I want to use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years to help others. Being aware of where to hike and how to do it can be of great help.

There is nothing like a well-written article about this subject. It is only useful if it’s true and reliable. Atfiles.org wants to do that: make a blog that is interesting, as well as useful.


Since we live in times that bring a lot of stress, we must find a way to cope with it. I want to help people deal with this in the most enjoyable and rewarding way possible.

Many blogs try to get people’s attention in misleading ways. What they want is to promote a product or service. A reliable blog like Atfiles.org is very important. The reliable content will help others to make good and informed decisions.

Relaxing is meant to make our lives more enjoyable. That is what Atfiles.org wants to do: making walking and hiking a pleasant and relaxing way of spending free time. Please, enjoy the blog.